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Silkscreen printing

Samples of silkscreen printed t-shirts
Samples of silkscreen printed t-shirts

Most T-shirts are printed with a silkscreen. This is the highest quality method in terms of print quality and washability. Also prices of printing by silkscreen is unbeatable for larger jobs (depending on number of colors, eg. for 1-color printing starting at 10 pieces).

Photo Series & information about the silkscreen printing process of T-shirts

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Digital Direct Printing / DTG


In digital direct print a special ink jet printer prints directly on the fabric (DTG = direct to garment). This is a fairly new procedure and is particularly suitable for small series with many colors.

Digital direct printing information and video

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Transfer with plot and flex screens

Our plotter
Our plotter

The Plot transfer is particularly suitable for numbering (eg in team sports areas), individual names, lettering and small series.

With a plotter the design is cut from special textile screens.

There are two types of screens: Flex screens (smooth surface, much like a silkscreen print) and flock screens (with a velvety finish). 

Photo Series & information about transfer printing with Flex and Flock

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Digital Transfer

Unser Digitaltransferdrucker
Unser Digitaltransferdrucker

With digital transfer a special film is digitally printed and cut to the motif contour. Then the motif is applied to the fabric with a transfer press.

Good for: Bags, caps, various textiles, sometimes for jackets. For small runs with many colors. 

Digital transfer printing photos and information

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Other services

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We also offer:

  • Embroidery
  • individual labels
  • Individual packaging of textiles
  • Finishing of delivered textiles
  • Neutral shipping

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