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Ordering, Shipping, Delivery Options, Payment

Orders can be made by email or fax. Please email artwork/print designs (see also file formats).
Make sure all the following information is included when placing orders:
Fabric quality, color, quantities and sizes (for example:. 100 T-Shirts Basic red 20L, 20XL, black 20M, 40XL)
Print colors, print position on garment and print size (must include print width in cm; color description in either HKS or Pantone colors, otherwise, colors will be matched to monitor colors. We do not, however, guarantee exact color matches for monitor colors).
Invoicing address (if different from delivery address) and telephone number.
Payment: choose either pre-payment (we will send a preliminary invoice by email and deliver as soon as we receive full payment) or cash on delivery per DHL (additional fee 5.00 € plus 2.00 € DHL fee). Alternatively, you can pick up your order (cash) at our Berlin shop.
Prices: see our price list (shipping and delivery extra) and add 19% German VAT where applicable.
Delivery times are approximately 7-14 days after we receive your order with all necessary information and files. We may be able to fill your order faster, please contact us.  Delivery times may be affected by wholesaler supply. We deliver exclusively according to our general terms and conditions.
If you need a rush order, we will do our best to fill it as quickly as possible. We deliver throughout Germany and the EU, and to Switzerland and Norway.
For more delivery information and options see Delivery and Shipping Costs.

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What kinds of garments do we offer?

In our Download Section, you will find a wide variety of manufacturers and catalogs containing our current selection (T-Shirts, Women’s Shirts, Polos...)  including B&C, Fruit of the Loom, Jerzees, Result, Hanes, Stedman and many others.
We carry a large assortment of fair trade and organically produced fabrics, including Continental Clothing, American Apparel, Switcher, and EarthPositive (the world’s first climate neutral textile manufacturer).
If you need a certain brand but you don’t see it in our current listings, please contact us. We can usually find most brands.  

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How are prices calculated? Can I combine brands/colors/sizes in my order?

Prices depend on the total number of garments printed with the same design. For orders of at least 100 pieces, you can mix brands, colors and sizes and the printing costs will be calculated at the 100 price.  (For an order of 50 hooded sweatshirts and 50 t-shirts printed with the same design,  the ‘100’ column price applies).
Exception: for orders of 50 pieces and up, prices are calculated by wholesaler package units (the minimum order of t-shirts in the same color and size). A surcharge will be added for opened package units. Important - print colors lighter than the fabric color require a white preprint to achieve brilliant colors. White prints on darker fabric must also be printed twice. In both cases the fabric is printed twice, which affects the price. We will gladly send a free price quote. Just mail us the total number of pieces to be printed, quality and color, number of print colors, or better yet, the design as a gif or jpg file.  


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File Formats for Print Designs and Layouts

The safest and least problematic file format is the tif. File Requirements: designs/images must be on a transparent background and at the size to be printed on the garment, resolution 300dpi for RGB and grayscale, or at least 600dpi for black and white designs; be sure that the design edges have sharp contours. Please contact us about other pixel formats (at size to be printed on garment at 300 dpi) or if you have a PDF, EPS or vector graphics. For vector graphics: convert all text to paths, and give us the final print size.  Graphic design and layout work (if needed, for example, if your artwork is less than ideal) by consultation. Please tell us where the print should go (front, back…) and don’t forget the size of print (width in cm). If you need an exact color match, please include the HKS or Pantone (coated) chart card, otherwise, we will use monitor colors, however, color deviations are possible.


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Print Colors

Colors are displayed differently depending on monitor screens and computer systems. If you need exact color reproduction, send an original HKS or Pantone color chart card. To see approximate colors, you can download both charts here: HKS und Pantone. If you don’t need a 100% color match, you can send us CMYK or RGB specifications or simply tell us what you want, for example: a nice, bright red that’ll look great.

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Which printing processes do we offer?

Everything we feature on our site and in our index is silkscreen printed unless otherwise stated. Silkscreen prints are of superb quality compared to all other types of printing, and they are highly wash-resistant. We offer a wide selection of garment brands and styles, and accept orders starting at 10 pieces or more. Large orders are never too large for us. Two factors affect the price of silkscreen printing: 1. Quantity - larger quantities mean lower prices. 2. Number of colors - more colors require more work, which translates into higher prices.  Another process we offer is plotting. The quality and wash-resistance is excellent, similar to silkscreen prints. The design is cut onto a special laminate using a cutting plotter. The laminate is then trimmed and transferred to the t-shirt via a transfer press. Advantages of plotting include: film and screen costs are eliminated so smaller orders become economical, such as for personalized shirts, names or numbers etc. Disadvantages: usually limited to one print color (depending on the design), fine details cannot be printed, layout must be in vector graphics (corel or freehand).

We also do digital prints. This technique is a cross between plotting and digital printing which allows us to print smaller quantities with several colors or even to make photo prints. Prices depend on quantity and design size. Send us an email inquiry with a copy of the design for evaluation. After the digital print has been produced, the design is cut to form. Straightforward designs are most suitable for this type of printing. It can be a rectangle or a star, an oval or most any form that isn’t too irregular in shape. Most important is a design without freestanding elements or complex edge details. Digital transfers are not as wash-resistance as screen prints.

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Tips for print designs

For best results consider the nature of the fabric and the printing process before you design the print:

  • Will the entire lot be printed on the same color shirt or fabric? Or will you have a variety of textile colors - red, green and black t-shirts for example?   Will the design look good on all the garment colors?
  • If printing dark fabrics, a white pre-print is required to ensure uniform color. This means ordering an extra color.
  • Try to avoid fine lines and small lettering.
  • Silkscreen prints entail preparation costs (film and screen production costs) of €38.00 per color.  For small orders containing several different colors, the preparations costs will make up a large percentage of the total costs. You can save costs if you can eliminate a color.

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How can I be sure that I’ll get what I ordered?

You can request a PDF preview showing how the design will look on the garment and where it will be placed. We will also send order confirmation with exact prices, including shipping and delivery. We will start printing your order as soon as you confirm it.

Manufacturers – Comparing Sizes

Sizes and sizing information differs from one manufacturer to another. If you’re not sure, please ask us for details on garment cut and sizing or request a sample.

Sizes International XS S M L XL XXL
Sizes Men 44 46-48 50-52 54-56 58-60 62-64
Sizes Women 32-34 36-38 38-40 42-44 46-48 50
Sizes Children (by Age) 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12
Sizes Children (in cm) 98 104 116 128 140 152

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