The Real Junk Food Project Berlin 06/2018

Winner June 2018 The Real Junk Food Project Berlin


The application of the winner June 2018:

We are The Real Junk Food Project Berlin

We are committed to tackle the serious problem of food waste. We have cooperations with supermarkets that give us food they would otherwise throw away.

Using the food rescued this way, we organize cooking workshops with schools for instance; donations-based open buffets, as well as catering for other projects and events.  We also share surplus food with homeless shelters, youth homes and other projects.

Additionally, we would like to raise awarereness about food waste, since the most food waste still happens in households.

Our cooking events also help connect people coming from different backgrounds. Everybody is welcome to participate!

Our dream is to open our own café or food truck where we serve meals made from rescued food.

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