Non-profit project „Faire Lehre“ 08/2018

Non-profit project „Faire Lehre“ 08/2018

The application of the winner August 2018:

"Faire Lehre" is a social non-profit project of the tutoring agency 2nd Mind GbR.

Through our daily work with pupils, we have become aware of the fact that, apart from school, tutoring is usually reserved only for children and young people who come from rather wealthy, often academic, parental homes.

Pupils with a low socio-economic background are very rare among our customer base.

In order to be able to offer people of all backgrounds or educational levels access to such opportunities, we have founded Faire Lehre - a fair tutoring project.
Through the project, pupils are taught in small groups by students from the teaching profession. The lessons take place in premises provided by the city.
The whole initiative is financed by donations and all costs that occur are paid by the teaching staff.

Through "Faire Lehre" we want to make our contribution to the topics of educational justice and equal opportunities.
Education must be equally accessible for everyone!

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