Bürgerinitiative Netzwerk Trinkwasser 05/2018

Winner May 2018 Bürgerinitiative Netzwerk Trinkwasser

The application of the winner May 2018:

We are BINT, the citizens' initiative network drinking water - friends of water, and we would like to apply for free shirts with our cause:
We were founded in Burgkirchen/Alz  where we are dealing with Bavaria’s highest PFOA blood  levels as a result of a chemical plant disposing the substance PFOA into the Alz for decades, and with permission.
The citizens of the surrounding villages who drank water from the pipeline have immensely high values of this substance in their blood; and we as a citizens' initiative want to stand up for them.
Our founding event took place only in March after the Red Cross publicized that blood donations from the district of Altötting would no longer be accepted. Until that moment, those affected were unaware of the tests as they were carried out without the consent of blood donors.
We are currently fighting for blood tests to be carried out on children under the age of 7. The citizens should also be told whether they can still eat the herbs, fruits and vegetables from their own garden.

As a citizens' initiative, we are not yet an association or similar and have no membership fees.

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