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EarthPositive Organic, Fair Wear, Low Carbon

EarthPositive is a ‘wholly ethical’ textile brand that is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (by Control Union and Soil Association) and by the Fair Wear Foundation for ethical labour practices throughout its supply chain. It is also, crucially, low carbon, having reduced the CO2 and other green-house gases emissions by some 90% through the use of green renewable energy in its production – a claim verified by the Carbon Trust within its pilot carbon-labelling initiative. See EarthPositive Articles.

EarthPositive Catalog 2009

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The new catalog as a pdf file (approx. 2 MB):
Click on the image with the left mouse button and open the catalog as a pdf in a new window or to download click with right mouse button and select menu item "Save target as .."

EarthPositive top bags 01

This is the latest addition to the EarthPositive product range: organic and low carbon Tote Bags.
There is a growing demand for ethically and environmentally credible bags, as more and more retailers, brands, corporate and promotional users are no longer content with using cheap cotton carriers as an alternative to plastic bags. Corporate and retail brands wish to communicate their ethical messages using equally ethical communication medium.