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The shape, detailing, hand-feel, colour - it is the sum of all these features that gives the overall effect.  Basic and relevant t-shirt styles in high quality fabrics and with an extensive and original colour palette. The ORGANIC COTTON label by Continental, is a stock collection of the highest quality blank garments produced in 100% pure organically grown cotton.  BAMBOO T-shirts combined with 30% ORGANIC cotton are softer than ever, have beautiful drape, and print perfectly. Continental offers real heavyweight 320g./9.6 oz. brushed sweat fleece with a heavy 2x2 rib and a soft hand-feel. In 2006, Continental made the decision to change production of the children and baby wear to 100% organic cotton. The resulting fabric is as soft as ever.

Continental 2009/2010 Collection


Ethical Manufacturing - Organic Fair Trade Practices - Environmentally Sustainable - Climate Aware
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Ethical Manufacturing - Organic Fair Trade Practices - Environmentally Sustainable- Climate Aware